1. When moving locally, do I have to insure my goods?

    It is always a good idea to insure your most valuable items, such as Waterford crystals, grand pianos, sculptures and expensive works of art. Your renters or home owners insurance might be an option. Her Moving Hawaii also provides insurance through a third party company.

  2. Can I move flammables locally? Like paint cans or Butane gas?

    Yes, all those are permitted to be moved locally, although please note that they cannot be stored.

  3. How far in advance should I book my move?

    The best way to ensure that you are getting your move dates accommodated, is to book your move as soon as you know that you will be moving, even if it is several weeks out. There are lot of factors at play, for example, the time of year, how far you are moving, are your moving in town, on the same island or inter-island among other questions.

  4. Will my moving company move my pets?

    Moving can be very stressful for humans and pets alike. For liability and safety reasons, pets cannot be moved in a moving truck. To minimize the trauma of moving for your pet, it is encouraged to either have your pet stay with a friend or family member or at a professional kennel, until your new home is ready.

  5. How do I ensure that my moving boxes and other furniture will be placed in the correct room?

    Make sure to choose a labeling systems for all your boxes and other items. This can either be  color code or description. Sticking with a consistent labeling system, will save yourself and your movers a lot of trouble and time, when it comes to placing your belongings in the correct areas. To make sure the label can be read regardless on how the box is sat down, it is recommended to label each box on three sides.