Everything You Need To Know About Getting Moving Quotes

Moving is a lot to handle. It’s a big decision and it’s never easy, no matter how often you do it. There are so many things to consider: where you’re going, what you need to bring with you and how much it will all cost. Moving is a daunting process, to say the least, and getting stuck with an overpriced mover is one of the most common complaints in our industry. A lot of people don’t actually have a clear understanding of how much they should pay for their move. That is why getting an estimate is crucial to stay on budget when you are moving. The more accurate information you can provide to a moving company, the more accurate the estimate is, so there aren’t any surprise fees! A moving quote is an estimate of how much your move will cost.  To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on everything you need to know about getting a moving quote.

5 Rules To Follow When Getting A Quote

  • In-person quotes will always be the most accurate
  • Binding agreements will lock in your estimated price
  • Ask about any additional moving fees
  • Be sure moving insurance is part of your quote
  • Always research reviews on the moving team you chose

How to Get A Moving Company Quote

Before you go to get a moving quote, do a little bit of web searching to find local movers near you. It’s important to take your time and shop around in order to get the best deal with the best service. Always check for local movers first rather than large companies, because they will be more willing to accommodate you just about every time. It’s also important that you look at reputable companies with good reviews. Ask for references from others in your area who have moved, the more recent, the better. Every moving company has a different process for obtaining quotes, so always ask if getting a quote costs money or is free. Last but not least, make sure you get an in person quote because this is always going to be the most accurate. A mover is going to be able to estimate what you need to move and how, and therefore the cost of a move, better than you will. It is also important to consider the exact types of moving services you might need: full packing, partial packing, unpacking services, special equipment (such as pianos), storage fees, insurance coverage and fuel surcharges (if applicable). Make sure you get an estimate in writing, too. It’s best that all quotes are in writing so there’s no confusion about what’s included in the price or whether additional charges will be added later on.

3 Types Of Moving Quotes

Moving estimates are the best way to get an idea of what your move will cost. You can use a moving estimate to plan your budget, or you can use it to compare quotes from different moving companies. However, you might be unfamiliar with the three types of moving estimates. It’s very important to know what type of estimate you want, so you can find a moving company that can provide it to you.

A binding estimate is the most common type of moving quote. Binding estimates are legally binding contracts between two parties—the mover and their client—for a specific service at a specific price. If either party changes the terms of the agreement, they’re required by law to notify the other party before any changes are made.

A non-binding estimate is also known as an approximation or price quote. It’s not legally binding on either party and is usually used when there isn’t enough information available to create a binding estimate yet. Non-binding estimates aren’t legal contracts, so they don’t need any special notification or consent if terms change during the move itself.

A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is similar to a binding estimate, except you’ll pay less than the quoted price if your items weigh less than what’s estimated. For example, if the mover estimated that your belongings would weigh 2,000 pounds but they actually weigh 1,500 pounds when they arrive at their destination, they’ll charge you less.

How Will Your Move Be Calculated 

Moving quotes will usually be estimated based on these criteria below:

  • The size of your home
  • The time it takes to complete the move 
  • The weight of all the items 
  • The distance of your move 
  • Your location
  • The time of year

All of these factors will be evaluated to determine an estimate that is fair to both you and the moving company.

Insurance Protection Plans

It is extremely important to factor in insurance to create an accurate moving budget—here are some things to consider when obtaining moving insurance.

  • Full-value protection moving insurance: This type of insurance requires movers to pay for a damaged item, to either repair it or replace it. This type of insurance is usually more expensive and will vary depending on the mover.
  • Limited-value moving insurance: Also known as released value coverage, this type of insurance insures your items based on their weight. This means if movers drop a very expensive item that weighs very little, they won’t be required to pay anywhere near the full amount.
  • Third-party insurance: Like full-value protection insurance, this option costs a little bit more, but it is worth it! You can usually declare the value of your items and the deductible amount, so you have a good idea of how much damages will be covered before starting your move.

What To Look For In A Moving Quote

Knowing how to get a moving quote will help you move more confidently and avoid potential problems. If a mover quotes you an extremely low price, be sure to examine all the fine print or ask for a breakdown of costs. The same goes for a high price: if a mover gives you an outrageously high estimate, shop around for another company and compare quotes. Be sure to read all your paperwork carefully before hiring any moving company, and be decisive about which firm you trust with your belongings. 

Hiring a Professional Moving Company

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