How To Pack A Surfboard When You’re Moving Off-island or Inner- island.

Packing a surfboard is not as easy as it might seem. You may want to consider these tips when packing your surfboard to ship off to its new home. Otherwise, when you receive your surfboard, there’s the chance it will look like someone went on a drunken rampage with a sledgehammer. I’m here today to explain how to safely and securely pack your surfboard to travel in a moving truck or on an airplane without worrying about it being damaged.

Supplies Needed To Pack Your Surfboard

Foam inserts: You can buy these at any hardware store in the moving section. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, so make sure you measure your board before purchasing them. We recommend spending a little extra money on the foam inserts because they can save your board from getting damaged during transport by providing extra protection around the edges of the board.

Bubble wrap: This is also available at any hardware store and big box retailers like Target or Walmart. The thicker the bubble wrap, the more protection it will provide for your board when being moved around.

Board bag: This is essential for protecting your board from damage during transport. We recommend buying one that fits snugly around your surfboard so there is no risk of moving around during transit.

Tape: Use this to secure foam inserts together when wrapping around fragile areas such as rails noes, and tail. Also, use tape to secure bubble wrap around the surfboard.

How To Pack Your Surfboard

Clean your board thoroughly

First, you’ll want to take all the wax off your boards so it doesn’t melt and get everywhere in transit. Wax can be a very messy product that melts and can get everywhere. So it’s best to take it off before you start packing. We recommend using a wax remover like the pickle so you can avoid having to scrub or scrape off your board when it arrives at its destination.

Second, make sure there is no salt or sand on your board before you start packing it up, everyone likes unpacking a nice clean board.

Find a board bag that fits

Having the correct board bag is crucial to the safety and security of your surfboard during transit.

There are many types of board bags available, but only one that is truly suitable for moving off island or inner island: a foam-lined rigid boardbag.

A foam-lined rigid bag is made from a hard plastic shell with a layer of foam on the inner portion of the board bag.This prevents the board from getting scratched or dinged as it slides around in its protective case, ensuring that your board will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.

Remove your fins!

Next step in prepping your board to be packed, is to remove your fins and wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in a separate bag.

This is important because fins can actually break or crack the glass on your board if they’re not removed from your board prior to transit.

Packing your board for success

Wrap your board in bubble wrap. Do not skimp on this step! It’s important to make sure that the entire board is covered with bubble wrap, since it will protect the board from bumps and scratches during the moving process.

Use tape to secure the bubble wrap to the board. This will keep your board safe and secure during transport.

Place your board into a board bag that is appropriate for its size and shape. You’ll want to use foam inserts around the nose, tail, and rails of your surfboard. These foam inserts will create a snug fit to protect from any extra movement.

Get ready for your move

It is important to follow the above steps in order to properly transport your surfboard. Packing a surfboard the wrong way can lead to accidents, which may damage the surfboard, or even make your surfboard unusable for future trips. Follow these steps carefully to avoid any damage during transport.